DJ Lady Love

Born to the Beat of the Bronx and absorbing the Soul of Queens, Denise “DJ Lady Love” Briggs has been the key in re-awakening the sleeping giant: the Female DJ. 

In the year 1979, in an encounter deemed divine, Denise stood hypnotized by the blends and cuts coming through the speakers; engineered by Davy DMX. It was love at first beat. The two soon formed a mentorship that allowed Denise to build upon her skills, birthing “DJ Sexy”. With the encouragement of her mentor, Denise expanded from small parties to shows at the world famous Fantasia in Queens. While planning a large event, longtime friend DJ Woody Wood knew it was time for the caterpillar known as “DJ Sexy” to transform into the butterfly, “DJ Lady Love.” 

After rocking the parties with legendary likes of the Disco Twins and the Infinity Machine, DJ Lady Love caught the eye of the pioneering icon Afrika Bambaataa. Female DJ’s were a rare find, and Bambaataa knew he unearthed a gem. The Bronx native was invited to come back home, and display her skills at the T-Connection with many artists such as the Crash Crew and the Fearless Four. 

In 1981, DJ Lady Love decided to focus on family, and left Hip Hop in the hands of the up and coming female djs. After several years on hiatus, DJ Lady Love knew it was time to dust off her turntables, Lisa and Wendy, and check in on the baby she helped to birth, Hip Hop.

DJLadyLove is represented by GMC Entertainment, Ceo Grandmaster Caz.. She was The official DJ For The Universal Hip Hop Museum's "Women of Hip Hop Event".

You can find her many mixes on Podomatic or at one of her many events around town. 

  • Honorary Board Member of The Universal Hip Hop Museum
  • Queens Hip Hop Pioneer /The Queens library memory project
  • Founder of  Djladylove's Pink Panty Productions



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